1、Whether to need to register?

Guests can feel free to browse this website all products without registration. Only in the guests decided to purchase only after submission of customer information and registration procedures. After registration, may at any time to login to this station view order.


2, the quantity of your order can be more than the online inventory?

Each section has no minimum order quantity, but the shop will not accept order higher than online inventory record orders. This shop does not accept OEM or ODM order.

3、whether there are other methods of delivery?

This shop recommended Express (XXXX), its cost is relatively low, but also deliver door-to-door service. The only place an order when the guests can also choose by airmail. If guests want to use other methods of delivery (UPS, DHL or TNT) can query to the shop.

4,、as to the goods have grievances, could return?

This shop for all goods sold are guaranteed quality, normally we only accept the defective goods, details, see shopping clause.

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